What Does The Fox Say?
Cupcake & Dessert Party Theme

What Does the Fox Say Party Theme

By now you've probably heard of the inter-web sensation Yslvis and their song "What Does The Fox Say?". It's silly but hilarious and quite catchy. The song also happens to make for a fun (or should I say foxy?) party theme. It instantly became our friends’ favorite song. We could frequently be heard singing this tune out loud together.

So when it came time to plan one of our friend’s 30th birthday celebration, I knew instantly what the theme should be: "What does the fox say?" This gave me a theme full of energy and creativity! What could be better?

Over the past couple weeks our thoughts were going in circles on how many great ideas can be made with this theme. I decided to create an elegant, but woodsy fox theme that everyone would love. See below for all the details on how we put this Foxy display together. 

What Does The Fox Say cupcake party and cake pops

We've even included a few how-to's for some of the home crafted items and others where we used some of our product to make it simple and easy for the Hostess with the Mostess. 

In keeping with our earthy theme we started with the base of a simple white tablecloth and a burlap overlay topper.  We also found a moss mat sheet (at Joann Fabrics) to put down the center of the display as the centerpiece for the cupcakes and marshmallow pops. This moss added a very natural and woodsy element, crucial to the Fox theme.

To bring in the elegant components, we found an orange and white damask fabric. We used this fabric to create backdrop by framing it in a wood frame. The orange color scheme was perfect as it matched the fox cupcakes.

 We also found a very elegant white mirror that we hung above the display on the backdrop. To tie into our "What Does The Fox Say?" theme, we stenciled a white fox out of white sparkly paper and taped it to the mirror. We found the Fox image online and traced around it. Our Fox  turned out super chic and they were very simple to craft.

What Does The Fox Say party theme


We chose a color scheme of orange, white and black with some green mossy accents to play up the forest aspect of the theme. We used our black and white striped party collection as it tied in perfectly with the attire that is seen in the "What does the Fox say" video. The cast of dancers wear black pants, white shirt tops and black ties. 

Our black and white striped place cards are used to identify all the items on display. Each item was labeled to tie in with the song; for example (Yes sing-along) Marshmallow says "Squish", Soda Pop says "Gulp", Caramel Apple says "Chomp" and the Fox Cupcake says "Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yow".

Speaking of the desserts feature, we'll start with the piece de resistance, our Fox Cupcakes. We chose to use our orange cupcake wrappers to decorate the base of the cupcake and orange, white and black fondant fox cupcake toppers with Fox faces and foxtails. We are so impressed with our new supplier that we will be offering several more fondant cupcake toppers soon. ORDER FOX CUPCAKE TOPPERS HERE 

What does the Fox Say Cupcake Wrappers and Fondant Toppers

The cupcake flavor of choice was a chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. This frosting was one of the best we've ever had. It is definitely a must to make if you like peanut butter (and who doesn’t?!).

Also next we made marshmallow pops that were one of the biggest dessert hits at the party. You know, cake pops, marshmallow style! We had several approach us, saying they couldn’t just eat one. Making these delectably delicious sugar fluffs are so simple and the gratification of everyone's response brings smiles to our faces.

 cakepop stand

And of course we wanted something that was perfect for displaying them easily at the event. We created a marshmallow cake pop stand (or in this case a marshmallow pop stand) that was covered in moss. When we added the marshmallow pops with our orange and white striped paper straws they reminded us of the trees in the forest in the "What Does The Fox Say?" video. MOSSY MARSHMALLOW CAKEPOP STAND HERE. 

To keep up with our insanely sweet theme, we also made caramel apples that were rolled in crushed Butterfinger pieces. We used shish kebab sticks for holding and for decoration we added our orange and white striped paper straws and inserted our happy birthday cupcake picks for the occasion.

Caramel Apples with Butterfinger


Since partygoers need some liquids after consuming so much sugary goodness, we decorated water bottles and orange soda pop bottles with our black and white striped beverage labels for a quick and easy theme decoration. For tips on applying water bottle labels CLICK HERE and for removing stickers from bottles CLICK HERE.

For party favors, we provided guests with two options; Candy bars wrapped in black and white striped candy bar labels that say "Sweet" or fox themed mason jars filled with candy corns.  Want to know how to create these cutesy fox decorated mason jars? Of course you do, so CLICK HERE!

Mason Jar Party Favors







We also handcrafted our own banner that says "What Does The Fox Say?" We did this by tracing plates and cutting them out, using a hole punch for the holes and orange ribbon to string them through. 

Not feeling that the look was quite complete, we decided to add snooze black stones with pieces of moss to hold the place cards. We liked this additional earthy vibe that these pieces gave. We also decided to handcraft hanging poms using orange and white baking liners and ribbon. Check out the pom cupcake wrapper garland banner tutorial here

fox mason jars


We hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. To share your favorite party display tables, wedding dessert buffets and more using Bella Cupcake Couture products email us at info (at) bellacupcakecouture (dot) com or enter our Photo Contest to win cupcake wrappers HERE

For more stylish dessert table ideas, check out our NEW "How to" with Video Tutorials and Cupcake Event Theme parties.

Also for a sweet treat for your next birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or wedding check out our RECIPE section.


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