Frosting Cupcake Tips with a Pastry Bag

Frosted cupcake tips with orange cupcake wrappers

How to Frost a Cupcake
Using a Pastry Bag

Now it’s time to turn your cupcake into a beautiful piece of art! Frosting is the fun part because you have a blank palette and are free to use your creativity. With our easy and cool tips on how to frost a cupcake using a pastry bag, you will be left feeling like a pro when you’re frosting your cupcakes!

This Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Features Using a Star-Tip on your pastry bag:

  1. Take your filled pastry bag (click here for link on ‘how to fill a pastry bag’) and squeeze generously start at the edge of your cupcake
  2. Swirl around the cupcake until you have reached a desired height.

Who knew that frosting a cupcake with a fancy pastry bag was actually SO easy! For a video on exactly how to perfect the star-tipped frosting look, watch our video tutorial.

Now that you know how to classically frost your cupcake, try out more frosting methods with your pastry bag.

Consider trying these fun and easy tips to mix up your cupcake style:

  • Closed Star– for a nice swirled look. You’re sure to look like an expert with the closed star tip!
  • French Tip- this tip will give lots of edges!
  • Open Star- similar to the closed star, but a little bit more pointed on the top. Great for making a rose!
  • Round Tip- this will give you that nice rounded swirl. The round tip gives off a fun look- great for a kids’ birthday party or really any occasion!

Tip from Bella Cupcake Couture!
Use a large or even jumbo-sized tip to ensure the best design outcome. Your frosting will look ten times more amazing with a bigger tip! No matter which tip you use, you will be sure to impress your party guests!

For a selection of tasty cupcake recipes, visit our cupcake recipe section and to shop for our cupcake wrappers for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and more visit HERE.


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