Puppy Dog Birthday Party

pupcake cupcake birthday mix

pupcake mix  

pupcake birthday dog party mix

White Cupcake Liner Wraps and Cupcake Toppers for Pupcakes

cupcake wrappers for cups with dog treats

puppy dog birthday

Pupcakes mustache cupcake topper

A Puppy Dog Birthday Party with Pretty Pupcakes & More

A Puppy Dog Birthday Party is sure to have your four-legged friends barking with delight. If you're like me, your dog is like your child and of course every child deserves a little birthday party.

So every year we like to plan a little dog birthday gathering with our favorite little pooch Baxter and his friends. This is the 9th year of having a puppy party. Of course, we always like to have some cupcakes (in this case pupcakes) for Baxter and his puppy pals.

His birthday is on Cinco de Mayo so we dressed up this years cupcakes with these homemade ribbon cupcake toppers (check out the tutorial here) and White Glitter Cupcake Wrappers.

Previously I used to have to drive a half hour to the closest Barkery. But last year, I was so happy to find this pupcake Puppy Cake mix where I can make my own for our furry guests.

The Puppy Cake mix was featured on shark tank a year or two ago and had to try it. They were so easy to make and our dog loves them (as you will be able to tell by the video to the left)!

My favorite flavor are peanut butter cupcakes so I thought Baxter might have my tastes as well, so we made the peanut butter pupcakes first (for the dogs of course). I followed the instructions on the back of the Puppy Cake Mix and they were ready to bake in no time. The recipe said it makes 8 Cupcakes but I had a small six cupcake pan so I filled them with all the batter.

You'll see how much our dog loved these cupcakes for his birthday by checking out the video to the left. He carried away the cupcake with the White Glitter Cupcake Wrapper and Ribbon Cupcake Topper all in one.

We then set up a small display for this puppy birthday party with the pupcakes and we also wanted some other treats for the puppy birthday pals.

We decided to serve some of the Puppy Mix Puptato Chips, mini Milkbones, and Duck Jerky. We of course wanted to add a touch of style to the table display. So we found 3 small clear cups and set inside a variety of our different colored glitter cupcake wrappers. They add just the right festive flair for this small Cinco de Mayo Puppy Birthday Party we were looking for.

Just for fun we also added a little moustache cupcake topper that our boy Baxter, the Birthday Dog definitely was amused by (it at least gave us a giggle).

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