10 Tips to Plan Baby's First Birthday

Baby's First Birthday

Congratulations, your baby is turning a year old! Can you believe how fast the year has gone by? Soon, your little one will be walking, talking and growing up before you know it. Although you’re already busy with your little bundle of joy, planning this exciting milestone can be a easy and doesn't have to be expensive or over-the-top.

Check out our ‘How-To’ on planning your baby’s first ever birthday extravaganza!
Damask Baby First Birthday

Party Planning Checklist
__Set a Theme
__Plan your Menu
__Cupcakes with Cupcake Wrappers
__Design your Dessert Table
__Music Playlist
__Camera- can’t miss any cute photo opportunities!
__Goodie Bags
__Relax and Enjoy

Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Dessert Table

Now for a ‘How-To’ on planning the perfect first birthday party!

How many guests? Who should I invite? Parties can get overwhelming for little babies. So, it is best to keep these first birthday parties intimate to not cause too much commotion for your little tot. They may be fearful of strangers or overwhelmed by noises and crowds. Invite family members, and maybe a few friends that the baby is already familiar with. In regards to inviting other kids, consider the amount of attention they will need during the party. Make sure their parents are in attendance otherwise you will be focusing too much on them instead of enjoying your baby’s party!

Set a Theme:
Everyone loves a good theme and is fun to tie into something your child loves already at this young age. Plan a theme around a certain color-coordinated palette (shop by color) or baby's favorite cartoon character. You can then match your cupcake wrappers, paper straws, itty bitty banners and dessert table around this theme.Baby Boys First Birthday Party

Plan your Menu
First you’ll want to decide if you want to show off your cooking talents or have the event catered. If catering is your preferred option, call in advance. Bite-size and finger foods are best. Try sandwiches, pasta salads and veggie platters. Your little guests will appreciate the tasty food, while adult partygoers will love the convenience factor of small portions. The possibilities are endless! Lastly, for a beverage idea, prepare a delicious punch bowl or an ice tea with paper straws for your adult guests sipping pleasure. And it’s a good idea to have water, milk and fruit juices for the kids.red cupcake wrappers

Don't forget the birthday cake.
Some parents like to have a small separate cake or cupcake for the birthday baby — this way she can smash into it to her heart's content. Adding Bella Cupcake Couture birthday cupcake wrappers (aka cupcake sleeves, Cupcake wraps, cupcake holders)will make them even more special; especially for photos.

Design Your Dessert Table:
Planning your dessert table can be almost as fun as the party itself! With your theme and menu in mind you can start planning with our "How to Plan a Dessert Table" tips HERE.

Music Playlist:
Music can help keep a party going and entertain the guests. Keep the music appropriate for the occasion. Play mellower, background music, or opt for some kid-friendly tunes.

Your babys first birthday is a huge milestone and you definitely don't want to overlook capturing the moment. Whether you hire a photographer or take photos yourself, the following ideas are some must-take photos for your baby's big day.

  • Posed photos with a birthday theme. For example baby with a cupcake or balloons. 
  • Baby and Parents
  • Cupcake smashing
  • Dessert Table and Cupcake Decorations
  • Baby with their little birthday guests

Goodie Bags:
These are optional for your party, but guests are always satisfied when they leave with something special. Keep it simple - stock your goodie bags or cupcake boxes with something for the adults or  fun-sized for the little party guests; cupcakes, candy and baby safe toys.

If you have a theme in mind for this occasion, plan around it with balloons, happy birthday banners, party hats, and noisemakers are always fun and spirited decorations for birthdays! Decorate your food and beverage table, your party space, and maybe even the front door entrance of your home. Balloons by the entry way will get your guests excited to celebrate! Remember to check out Bella Cupcake Couture’s Candy Bar Wrapper Labels, Straws, and Cupcake Wrappers to spruce up your food and drinks!

Relax and Enjoy:

Cupcake crumbs will spill, kids will cry but don’t sweat the small stuff. Relax yourself with your baby and your guests. Baby’s first birthday is meant to be fun with your little one. Enjoy every moment (because they do grow up all to fast)!Also, make sure to check out Bella Cupcake Couture’s ‘First Birthday’ under Event Tips for fun and cute ideas on planning your baby’s first birthday.

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